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Large images can be showed decreased, but load unnecessary amounts of data. Sven Wolfermann shows in his article http://maddesigns.de/responsive-images/wmka.html different solutions.

We have chosen for display of images on the home page of xanders.de for the solution with HTML5 attributes. Assets that are embedded in the <noscript> tag are not included by the browser in the DOM (and loaded) when JavaScript is enabled. Resources are therefore not loaded twice. Rendering is done only when the page  the corresponding image is loading.

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If a site has a lot of content, it makes sense to offer visitors an easy way to quickly scroll to the top of the page. With jQuery can be easily done that. If the position of the scroll bar is at the center of the page, the "Scroll To Top" link appears. If this link is clicked, the page is scrolled up. Then this link will be hidden again.

The script was published by Martin Carlsson and is available through the link http://appglobe.com/scroll-to-top-animation/ .

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There is no need for the use of special TYPO3 extensions to set up a multilingual 404 error page for Typo3 (version 6) and RealURL. It works with the normal TYPO3 Install settings as well. First, a 404 page in the root directory of the pages must be created. In the AdditionalConfiguration.php file in the directory / typo3conf following entry has to be done (id = page id of the error page, L = language):

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XML sitemaps for search engines specially prepared lists of links, include all pages of a website in a standardized XML format. They provide a useful way to capture web pages to support search engines (Google).

Information about the Google sitemap structure can be found in the support pages on Google.

If you want to avoid the use of a TYPO3 extension such as "mc_googlesitemap", so you can create a typoscript function with a corresponding functionality and the use of RealURL by your own.

The call to generate this sitemap can be included in the robots.txt (here: German and English):
Sitemap: www.yourdomain.com/de/sitemap.xml
Sitemap: www.yourdomain.com/en/sitemap.xml

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