Individual solutions

Not all needs can be covered by the standard software available on the market. Individual needs require exactly adapted IT solutions. We are  specialized in accurately cover these requirements with the right, proprietary software systems.

We assume the complete realization of your development project - from analysis of your requirements, the conceptual design, implementation and testing to launch and further development of your software system - and ensure  a fast and high quality production.

Therefore we use a stepwise procedure whose strict use guarantees an extensibility communication of all project involved parties and allows the early supplies of prototypes. A design based on standards, patterns and best practices guarantees the extensibility and maintainability of the software solution and helps to ensure the investment in the long term.

If possible Open Source products established in the market are used for the implementation of the customer-specific requirements. This leads to a reduction of your costs and contributes at the same moment to a long-term protection of your investment.

Our knowledge lies in the area of the development of business solutions. Besides, mainly we are active for the following branches:

  • Bank
  • Automotive
  • Telecomunication


  • Java/J2EE
  • Ruby on Rails